Welcome to Vigyapp.com – where the worlds of influencers and brands converge to create unparalleled marketing synergy. At Vigyapp, we understand the evolving landscape of digital marketing, where targeted campaigns and authentic connections are keys to success. Our platform is designed to empower influencers and brands to collaborate for mutual growth and success.

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Vigyapp is your quintessential partner in navigating the influencer marketing sphere. Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools to simplify the process of finding the right influencer for your advertisement campaign. With our intuitive database, you can effortlessly filter through a large collection of influencer profiles, equipped with detailed metrics to ensure you connect with the right influencer who resonates with your brand's ethos and audience. From crafting your campaign requirements to managing communications during execution, our platform streamlines every aspect of your influencer marketing journey. Our integrated campaign dashboard is drives efficiency, providing a centralized hub to monitor progress, engage with influencers and measure success.


At Vigyapp, we champion the creative and strategic potential of influencers. Our platform is your gateway to a myriad of opportunities, allowing you to bid on projects that align with your passions and expertise. We believe in the power of collaboration – not just between brands and influencers but also among influencers themselves. Vigyapp facilitates seamless collaboration requests, enabling you to join forces with peers, expand your reach, and enhance your creative output without relying on advertisement agencies. Our easy chat feature ensures consolidated communication tools, allowing you to discuss, negotiate, and align with brands and fellow influencers.


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